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Tax credits and economic incentives create a pro-business environment by encouraging business investment, motivating job creation, reducing costs and more.

Economic Development Incentive Program (EDIP)
EDIP is a tax incentive program designed to stimulate business growth and foster job creation throughout the state. Through this incentive program, a three-way partnership is developed between the state, a growing company, and a municipality. Participating companies may receive state and local tax incentives in exchange for job creation and private investment commitments.

Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
The Massachusetts Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers a three-percent credit for qualifying businesses against their Massachusetts corporate excise tax. The credit is to be used for the purchase and lease of qualified tangible property used in the course of doing business.

Job Creation Incentive Program
Biotechnology and medical device manufacturing companies are eligible to receive incentive payments for new job creation.

Research & Development Tax Credit
Massachusetts offers a tax incentive for research and development investment for both manufacturers and R&D companies. This tax incentive was designed to remove any obstacles to R&D investment and spur growth and innovation throughout the Commonwealth.

Single Sales Factor
The Single Sales Factor helps create an attractive tax environment for businesses in Massachusetts. While many states use a three-factor apportionment formula to determine net income, Massachusetts uses only a single sales factor apportionment formula, creating a lesser burden for businesses.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
Massachusetts' version of Tax Increment Financing allows municipalities to provide flexible, targeted incentives to stimulate job creation.





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